Sphere SP Plus Corp


Leveraging decades of SP+ intelligence, innovation and technology, Sphere™ delivers products that increase operational clarity and visibility.

SP+ is proud to introduce Sphere™, a suite of industry-leading technology solutions that drives end-to-end mobility and delivers a frictionless experience.

Facility Access and Digital Commerce

Streamlined facility access and expanded digital commerce delivering touchless capabilities through Parking.com.

Cloud-based parking management system supporting all B2C payment solutions. With sophisticated customer account management and a cutting-edge pricing engine, customers benefit with touchless payment options via prepaid reservations, on-demand payments, Bluetooth check in and out, Mobile POS, valet, QR code and license plate recognition.

Delivers a full suite of client and consumer services via a streamlined digital platform. Parking.com offers clients a complete inventory management and marketing solution with scalability, from daily/monthly parking facilities to large venues and special events. Consumers use Parking.com for its seamless experience and contactless park-and-pay functionality.

Facility Management

Integrating facility and data management through a centralized web console to enhance online performance and efficiencies.

Maximizes ease-of-use and operational efficiency via a single remote operation that provides automation and in-lane 24/7 remote support for over 400 facilities nationwide. Advance metrics and reporting allow for management and visibility into all incoming calls. 

Operational Platforms & Analytics Intelligence

Providing industry leading management and analytics intelligence tools built to enhance and maximize client operations and results.

Offers clients an extensive intelligence platform that provides critical insights into operational and business performance. In addition, analytical software and data management including Rate Survey and My Spot allow for competitive assessment coupled with real time product, pricing and inventory management to deliver optimal marketplace performance.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions implementation to meet individual client needs.

Creates a complete customized client offering, such as parking guides that attract and retain customers, tenant portals that offer unique solutions with added value, and apps like epFinder, which provides real-time parking availability for large employers and municipalities. 

Suite of technologies specially designed for the aviation, cruise, and hospitality industries that make travel easier®. Bags® unique solutions provide remote check-in services, streamline travel workflows, passenger services and more. In addition, expanded services support logistics for group travel, delayed luggage delivery and same day delivery services for travelers.