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Sphere iQ™

Make smarter decisions.

Our extensive intelligence platform provides critical insights into your operational and business performance by leveraging our proprietary analytical software and data management systems. We provide you with competitive rate assessments, coupled with real time product, pricing and inventory management, to drive optimal marketplace performance decisions.

Sphere iQ
IQ Performance Metrics
IQ Online Rate Survey
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Flexible Solutions

Sphere offers custom solutions to meet your individual needs.

Technology Forward

Delivering streamlined facility access and touchless digital commerce solutions both in the lane and at your parker’s fingertips.

Business Intelligence

Providing industry -leading facility and data management and business intelligence tools created to enhance and maximize your operations and results.

Improve Operational Management and Uncover Real Time Data-Driven Insights to Optimize Revenue

In today’s high-tech marketplace, utilizing advanced capabilities to track and manage facility operations, parking products, pricing and inventory is critical to the overall success at the facility. In addition, understanding the competitive environment can play a significant role in a facility’s ability to meet or exceed its occupancy and revenue goals.

Sphere iQ™ offers an extensive intelligence platform that provides critical insights into operational and business performance. The analytical software and data management including Rate Survey™ and My Spot™ allow for competitive assessment coupled with real time product, pricing and inventory management to deliver optimal marketplace performance.

To enable clients to better understand occupancy and revenue performance at their parking facilities, SP+ has developed Sphere iQu2122 Analytics. This comprehensive reporting tool provides clients with a highly engaging and visual representation for real-time performance metrics. This enables the SP+ Operations team to make smarter decisions, optimizing their operations and maximizing revenue. For an additional fee, we also have an in-house team of Revenue Management specialists who can further analyze your location and respond with tactical pricing strategies to increase your yields. By analyzing location occupancy, consumer segmentation, demand and competitor products & pricing, the SP+ Revenue Management team will optimize performance on behalf of our clients.

Ensuring your location can effectively compete with other parking facilities in the area requires constant monitoring of competitor offers and pricing. To enable clients to effectively assess the marketplace, SP+ has introduced Rate Survey™, a new tool that builds upon traditional rate survey capabilities. It features an online competitive shop allowing the SP+ Operations team to see online rates relative to nearby competitors. This tool and the rate data are stored in My Spot for easy access and effective management of our client’s facilities.

In order to maximize occupancy and business performance at a parking facility, it is important to ensure the accuracy of location information along with the ability to optimize product and pricing strategies. To deliver this support, SP+ has introduced My Spot™, a cloud-based single source tool that gives SP+ Operations team the ability to quickly update transient rates, inventory, physical features and more on Parking.com. My Spot also provides powerful integrations with third party distribution channels for location, rate and availability information making it truly the one-stop shop for location data management.

Sphere iQ™ Admin reduces the dependence on local resources. This virtual admin service provides remote support for daily revenue reporting and monthly billing maintenance. Sphere iQ™ Admn reduces the cost of local bookkeeping, allowing for an increased focus on maximizing Revenue.

Technology forward solutions that are transforming the parking industry

Touchless Digital commerce solutions coupled with advanced business intelligence and enhanced customer experiences.