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Sphere Commerce™ Digital Ticket

Eliminate paper tickets and on-going maintenance costs

Sphere Commerce Digital Ticket for gated or gateless facilities enables SP+ to capture a parking session based on in and out times and charge according to a desired rate chart. This cloud-based solution allows for digital and contactless payments for a frictionless experience.

Sphere Technology by SP+
DIGITAL TICKET Maximize Revenue

Flexible Solutions

Sphere offers custom solutions to meet your individual needs.

Technology Forward

Delivering streamlined facility access and touchless digital commerce solutions both in the lane and at your parker’s fingertips.

Business Intelligence

Providing industry -leading facility and data management and business intelligence tools created to enhance and maximize your operations and results.

Using mobile phone Bluetooth technology allows for a frictionless parking experience via a push of a button.

With Digital Ticket, no reservation is required. The parking session begins upon entering utilizing either Bluetooth, QR code, NPC Tag or License Plate Recognition (LPR), as well as Text and Phone for guest checkout. The customer enters their credit card payment info and license plate number upon parking. The session ends at the exit and is a seamless experience, as the customer has already provided credit card payment info at the beginning of the session.

Using mobile phone Bluetooth technology allows for quick gate operation via a push of a button. Gate equipment recognizes registered users and provides the ability for a streamlined experience.

QR code lpr or app to enter
Follow directions
End parking session by scanning qr code or lpr to exit if paid
QR code lpr or app to enter
Follow directions
End parking session by scanning qr code or lpr to exit if paid

Sphere Commerce Digital Ticket provides numerous benefits across operations, expenses, and performance.

Operational improvements include migration off of a paper-based system, elimination of 3rd party service support and simplified installation. Cost savings are realized in equipment operations and maintenance, software upgrades and system overhauls, third party fees and reduced labor.

Improved system controls, backup and recovery, and faster entry and exit contributes to improved overall performance.

Technology forward solutions that are transforming the parking industry

Touchless Digital commerce solutions coupled with advanced business intelligence and enhanced customer experiences.