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Sphere Custom™

Delivering unique solutions designed to meet individual client needs.

SP+ understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to developing technology solutions. Sphere Custom™ is designed specifically to address unique client needs. With offerings such as parking guides that attract and retain customers, tenant portals that offer unique solutions with added value, and mobile apps like epFinder, which provides real-time parking availability for large employers and municipalities Sphere Custom™ can adjust to any client’s need.

Sphere Custom
Custom parking guide
Custom tenant portal
Custom mobile app

Flexible Solutions

Sphere offers custom solutions to meet your individual needs.

Technology Forward

Delivering streamlined facility access and touchless digital commerce solutions both in the lane and at your parker’s fingertips.

Business Intelligence

Providing industry -leading facility and data management and business intelligence tools created to enhance and maximize your operations and results.

Creating customized client solutions

While processes at parking facilities are automated, our clients continue to receive the same level of service and support that they have come to expect from us. Our customizable program offers all levels of support services managed by dedicated teams working in the Command Center, Data Center, and Account Management departments.

For clients who desire a branded website presence customized to meet their individual needs, SP+ will develop a standalone custom parking guide. Through a combination of well-developed location information, feature rich functionality, destination focused content, and an exceptional user experience, SP+ will provide a client with a website that delivers traffic and revenue to the facility. Custom parking guides have been implemented across multiple industry segments including Municipal, Airports, Mix Use, Offices, Retail and Residential and can be designed with a unique look or incorporate the specific design elements of the client’s website.

Providing building tenants with unique offerings that deliver enhanced value are not only be a way to increased parking revenue at a facility, but they can also be a value-add component for acquiring and retaining tenants. Working with property managers and building owners, SP+ can implement these solutions and deliver them through custom portals that limit their availability to tenants only. Utilizing behind firewall links from business and residential websites, access codes and digital technology, SP+ can make these solutions exclusive to your tenants.

For certain client’s access to a mobile app can provide parkers with easy access to important location information and parking services. SP+ can develop a custom and branded Android or iOS mobile application for larger portfolios. The mobile apps are designed for client with multiple locations and display selected locations for the client portfolio only. They allow for technology integration that includes maps and mapping applications for driving directions, areal time integration with PARCS equipment, parking availability information, and valuable analysis for expected location full times. This results in an improved parking experience while providing the client with increased visibility and enhanced management.

Technology forward solutions that are transforming the parking industry

Touchless Digital commerce solutions coupled with advanced business intelligence and enhanced customer experiences.