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Trusted by major airlines, cruise lines and world-famous resorts to Make Travel Easier® through innovation technology and superior service.

Sphere Express™ provides a suite of technologies specifically designed for the aviation, cruise and hospitality industries. The advanced capabilities deliver enhanced user experiences along with streamlined operations and expanded support logistics.

Remote Airline Check-In

Providing airline travelers an exceptional customer service experience, Remote Airline Check-in makes travel easier by establishing the ability to check-in luggage at venues outside of the airport such as airport parking lots, hotels, resorts, cruise ports and convention centers. Bags® is the only company in the U.S. that can provide this unique service which streamlines the departure process and lightens the load by allowing guests to check-in for their flights, receive their boarding passes, and check-in their luggage without enduring long lines at the airport. Perfect for maintaining social distancing and reducing time spent in the airport terminal lobby. For more information, visit us at bagsinc.com/airport-bag-drop and bagsinc.com/remote.

Same Day Delivery (Bags VIP)

Bags® VIP Luggage Delivery allows travelers to begin making the most of their vacation or business trip the moment they step off the plane. Travelers can bypass baggage claim and arrive to their final destination faster, without the burden of luggage. Ideal for social distancing practices, Bags® VIP helps travelers avoid spending additional time in the airport at baggage claim carousels. Our Bags® VIP agents pick up your luggage at baggage claim and provide contactless delivery to any address within 100 miles of the airport. Visit us at maketraveleasier.com.

Delayed Luggage Delivery

As the nationwide leader in delayed baggage delivery servicing over 250 U.S. airports, Bags® provides contactless delivery and a one-stop baggage delivery solution for airports and airlines to help reunite passengers with their luggage. Passengers are able to stay up-to-date on the location of their luggage with real-time status updates online via Where’s My Suitcase. For more information, visit us at bagsinc.com/delayed-baggage-delivery.