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Sphere™ Technology

Sphere™, a suite of industry-leading technology solutions that are transforming the parking industry to drive end-to-end mobility and deliver a frictionless experience.

Leveraging decades of SP+ intelligence, innovation and technology, Sphere is transforming the way that parking does business. Through our high-quality services and advanced capabilities, Sphere is leading the way to increased operational clarity and visibility.

When you partner with SP+, you enhance the value to your business with a wide breadth of products and services that only Sphere can offer, allowing you to respond to today’s rapidly changing, on-the-go, environment.


Our in-lane support uses advanced metrics and reporting, allowing for visibility into all incoming calls at over 400 facilities nationwide.

Technology Forward

Delivering streamlined facility access and touchless digital commerce solutions both in the lane and at your parker’s fingertips.

Business Intelligence

Providing industry -leading facility and data management and business intelligence tools created to enhance and maximize your operations and results.

Custom Solutions

Whether it’s parking guides, tenant portals, or our suite of solutions designed specifically for the aviation, cruise and hospitality industries, we make travel easier®.

Tech-driven solutions that lead the way in the parking and mobility space.

As a tech-driven solutions provider in the parking and mobility space, SP+ is unique. We are successful because we listen to you, our clients, in order to understand your unique needs and provide innovative solutions that solve your challenges. The result? Effective, tech-driven solutions that keep your business moving forward.

Leverage the cloud.

With our proprietary, cloud-based parking management systems, including sophisticated customer account management and a cutting-edge pricing engine, your customers get the convenience of contactless and card present payment options at both gated and gateless locations for drive-up and prepaid parkers, including monthly, via a variety of credentialing methods, including SMS, license plate recognition and in-lane terminals.

Plus, Sphere’s suite of products and services encompasses inventory management and marketing solutions with scalability for all types and sizes of venues, including special events.

Need in-lane support but don’t want boots on the ground?

Our remote management operations team can maximize ease-of-use and operational efficiency through automation and 24/7/365 support at your location without ever setting a foot on your property. Advanced metrics and reporting allow for visibility into all incoming calls at over 400 facilities nationwide.

Make smarter decisions.

Our extensive intelligence platform provides critical insights into your operational and business performance by leveraging our proprietary analytical software and data management systems. We provide you with competitive rate assessments, coupled with real time product, pricing and inventory management, to drive optimal marketplace performance decisions.

Designed with property owners and managers in mind.

Whether you enforce with fixed-based LPR cameras or on-site attendants, we provide you with an easy-to-implement, accurate, customer-friendly solution. It requires minimal startup and operating costs and maximizes citation revenues through high rates of payment that are compliant with state and local laws.

Created to work at off-street, commercially-owned locations, our enforcement solution can be customized to be part of a comprehensive parking management program or act as a stand-alone service. We’re here to support your enforcement needs.

Get Sphere-equipped.

Facilitated by our consumer-facing website Parking.com, and built for the future of parking, Sphere’s suite of gated and gateless access and revenue control products can be customized for the entry and exit experience that best suits you and your customers needs. 

Built in-house by SP+, our suite of Sphere-equipped products ranges from our patent-pending in-lane terminal for card present parking session initiation and transactions, to our digital-only solutions that leverage signage, SMS and license plate reader technology to ease ingress and egress for both daily and monthly parkers.

Plus, gain insight into revenue, entry and exit data, offer validated parking, assign parkers access to restricted areas of your facility, and provide parkers with the ability to pay when they are unable to prior to exit, among other features.

Get your customer’s checked in faster.

SP+’s proprietary handheld, mobile point of sale device was built specifically to expedite parking sales at event venues and make remote airline check-in at airports and cruise ports faster, offering both credit card and contactless payment options.

Designed to handle high-volume and high revenue facilities, it can easily be expanded to address additional payment needs, such as a backup payment option if gates go offline. Through advanced capabilities that streamline parking payment, and management tools that optimize operational efficiencies, parkers are able to spend less time and aggravation entering and exiting the facility.

Modernize your valet services and go ticketless.

Eliminate the need for valet attendants to handle cash or credit cards by giving guests the ability to request and pay-ahead for valet services, including tips, using our simple and easy to use, SMS-based ticketless valet system.

And because our systems are built in the cloud, you can access real-time service metrics on any internet-connected device at any time, including retrieval times, pending pickups, garage availability, associates working, and when vehicles are expected to return. Plus, monitor your payroll with the system’s face recognition time clock feature, with alerts for employees approaching overtime, as well as allow supervisors to transfer hours and tips.

Technology forward solutions that are transforming the parking industry

Touchless Digital commerce solutions coupled with advanced business intelligence and enhanced customer experiences.